Enjoyment, tradition and high feelings

in Kals-Matrei

The highest point of the Großglockner Resort becomes the stage for a special kind of “get together”.

Culinary enjoyment

The love of doing and the joy of culinary enjoyment are clearly in the foreground. Associated with this was the desire to develop something special that had long been the driving force behind thinking about something completely new. This is how the idea for the Eagle Lounge came about.


At 2421 m

The Adler Lounge invites you to enjoy innovative, packaged delicacies at lofty heights.

Architecture and enjoyment

The components of mountain, architecture and enjoyment meet in the Adler Lounge. There is also a very special feeling, which is created by the combination of lived tradition and lifestyle. The goal is to offer the guest an unforgettable time.


Enjoyment with a fantastic view


to over sixty 3000s