where tradition is at home

and hospitality is lived

East Tyrol has managed to preserve many of its traditions in their original form up to the present day. This is also visible and noticeable in the Großglockner Resort Kals / Matrei and makes up the unique charm of the region.

Because not only the typical costumes of the region characterize the preserved customs, also the architecture could, especially in Kals a. G., can be obtained. The rural and rural character shapes the area and exudes a rustic charm.

First ascent of the Grossglockner

The first ascent of the Großglockner on July 27, 1800 was accomplished by an expedition of the Prince-Bishop Franz Xaver Graf Salm-Reifferscheid. Johann Stüdl, participant of the expedition, built the first shelter in the Eastern Alps with the Stüdlhütte and thus also laid the first foundation stone for the development of tourism and the importance of mountaineering in the region.


1st Alpine Guides Association

Kals became the center for the Glockner ascent. The first mountain guide association in the Alps was founded in 1869 by the initiative of Johann Stüdl. With the pastor Andreas Lercher, the Kals mountain guides were well organized with statutes and guide regulations and made a name for themselves far beyond the borders.

The "Glockner Lord"

Johann Stüdl was called the "Glockner Lord" in Kals and was made an honorary citizen of the community in 1870. The largest bell in the parish church bell was baptized in his name. Stüdl's commitment to Kals was priceless.