2325 m

Enjoy clear mountain air

Hiking at over 2325 m. Experience the positive effects of the clear mountain air and the healthy climate of East Tyrol. In the hectic pace of everyday life, you are guaranteed to find the necessary peace and space to relax. East Tyrol gives you countless hours of sunshine and turns your holiday into an experience.

Holiday delights in Kals am Großglockner are


hiking pleasures

hiking paradise

In the calm, powerful movement of walking, it is easier to find yourself, feel your rhythm and enjoy the paradisiacal landscape. The carefully protected natural property is only gently touched by well-marked routes and hiking trails from cozy to demanding. And however you move, you are accompanied by the boundless feeling of freedom.

Hiking in Kals am Großglockner

Kals a. G. offers the most beautiful walking and hiking trails in the valley area, in the Dorfer, - Teischnitz-, Ködnitz, - and Lesach Valley on almost 250 km and almost unlimited possibilities for alpine summit tours, which lead to unforgettable discoveries and experiences in the unique arc of tension between natural and cultural landscape to lead. 11 managed shelters offer you accommodation and meals and are the starting points for unforgettable mountain and summit experiences.

Hiking in Matrei in Osttirol

From experienced hikers to "rock climbers" or walkers - there is something for everyone here! When hiking, you can get to know the cozy alpine and mountain world of the Hohe Tauern particularly well. Discover the diversity of the flora on easy hikes and walks, undertake a climbing tour in Matrei in East Tyrol with mountaineers or a themed hike under expert guidance.

Panorama & hiking suggestions

Europe panorama trail

The Europa Panoramaweg is an ideal family hiking trail between the Goldried mountain station (2,190 m) in Matrei in East Tyrol and the Blauspitz mountain station (2,305 m) in Kals am Großglockner.

Duration: about 2.5 hours.


Blauspitze (2,575 m) - climbing mountain

Blue tip (2,575 m);

Duration: about 2.5 hours.


Kendlspitze (3,085 m) - climbing mountain

Kendlspitze (3,085 m);

Duration: about 5 hours.


Goldried mountain station

Goldried mountain station - Kals-Matreier Törl - Rotenkogel (2,762 m) - Cimaross left into Goldried - Goldriedsee - Europa Panoramaweg - Goldried mountain station.

Duration: about 4 hours.


Goldried II mountain station

Goldried mountain station - Kals-Matreier Törl - Kalser Höhe - Hochtor - Kals-Matreier Törl - Europa Panoramaweg - mountain station. The Grossglockner is within your grasp and the view of the Tauern and Virgen valleys is unique!

Duration: about 5 hours.


Blauspitz mountain station, Kals

Blauspitz mountain station, Kals: Direct access to the via ferrata on the Blauspitze, circular hike around the Blauspitze, educational trail “Life in snow and ice”, panoramic trail to the Kals-Matreier Törl and return on the Kalser Höhe.

Duration: about 2.5 hours.


The Eagle Walk in East Tyrol

Walking on the wings of the eagle


The Adlerweg offers unlimited hiking enjoyment in Tyrol. Around 87,000 vertical meters can be climbed on a total of 126 stages, including 20 in East Tyrol. On the Adlerweg Osttirol, between the Großglockner and the Großvenediger, challenging high alpine stages alternate with leisurely valley hikes. The hikers are offered gentle scenic tours from Matrei in Osttirol to the Virgental and east towards Großglockner on stages 01 to 08 with scenic delights, peppered with cultural attractions and cozy huts and alpine pastures. The stages 09 to 020 are real dream paths for mountaineers. Beyond the 3000-meter mark, you come very close to Großglockner and Großvenediger - the highest mountains in Austria. Challenging viewing peaks are climbed and some gaps have to be crossed - these routes are only for experienced mountaineers.



Our hiking tips

Important tips

  1. Only fit in the mountains and not "fit through the mountains".
  2. No mountain hike without careful tour planning.
  3. Take the right equipment and nothing unnecessary with you for the planned tour.
  4. Appropriate footwear is essential! Off-road only with mountain shoes!
  5. Obtain information about the tour and weather conditions.
  6. Have a ten-minute rest every two hours.
  7. Drink and eat extensively during the tour.
  8. Never leave the marked path.
  9. In the event of danger or deteriorating weather, cancel the tour in good time.
  10. Emergency equipment (first aid box, mobile phone and flashlight) belongs in every backpack.

Good planning

You can do a lot for safety on a hike or mountain tour even before you start: good planning is important. The selection of a route must always be based on the condition and mountain experience of the weakest member of a group. For mountain tours, be sure to inquire about the level of difficulty and the nature of the trail! If you want to be on the safe side, it's best to join a guided hiking group. In addition to the given safety, this has the advantage that the mountain hiking guides know a lot about the country and its people. In addition, hiking with a group of like-minded people is often even more fun.

Good equipment

The equipment must always be adapted to the conditions. A map as well as sun and rain protection belong in every backpack. The weather in the mountains can often change quickly and cause unpleasant surprises. Good shoes are a prerequisite anyway, and telescopic poles protect the knee joints when walking. Don't be reckless even on easy hikes and always take enough food and drink with you, especially when there are children. Don't forget: exercise in fresh mountain air makes you thirsty and arouses your appetite!