Trail pleasure

in Kals

Trail pleasure in the Großglockner resort Kals-Matrei: Since summer 2017, newly created single trails and mountain bike trails have been waiting for the bikers. Beginners and professionals can master the ascent very relaxed with the gondola and concentrate fully on the downhill passages.

A special highlight: the view of the Großglockner while descending on the various trails.

Tariffs for gondola ride with bike

Rates Adults Children (2006-2018)
morning ticket € 29.00 € 14.50
afternoon ticket € 31.00 € 15.50
daily ticket € 36.00 € 18.00
5 days in the season € 130.00 € 65.00
10 days in the season € 255.00 € 127.50
season pass € 367.00 € 183.50
surcharge bike € 7.00 € 4.00
surcharge for the SkiHit season ticket € 98.00 € 56.00


Difficulty levels single trails

Light blue


  • Path condition: firm / non-slip surface
  • Obstacles: no obstacles
  • Slope: easy / moderate to <40%
  • Curves: wide to rather tight, but easy to drive
  • Driving technique: no driving-technical to driving-technical knowledge necessary, obstacles should be able to be overrun


  • Path condition: loose subsoil possible, small roots and stones
  • Obstacles: small obstacles, gullies, erosion damage
  • Slope: <40% bends: tighter bends but still passable
  • Driving technique: Basic knowledge of driving technique necessary, but obstacles can still be easily overrun

Moderately difficult (medium) - red


  • Path condition: The ground is not consolidated, larger roots and stones
  • Obstacles: flat heels, steps and stairs
  • Slope: <= 70% curves: slight hairpin bends
  • Driving technique: advanced, obstacles can no longer be overrun, but must be overcome by special driving technique (weight shift etc.)

Difficult (expert) - black


  • Path conditions: blocked, large roots / rocks, slippery ground
  • Obstacles: high heels
  • Slope:> 70% curves: tight hairpin bends
  • Riding technique: very good command of the bike necessary


  • Path condition: blocked with many large roots / rocks, slippery ground, loose scree
  • Obstacles: steep ramps, barely mobile heels
  • Gradient:> 70% curves: loop-like hairpin bends
  • Riding technique: perfect bike mastery (trial bike techniques necessary), moving the rear wheel required


  • Path condition: blocked with counter climbs, slippery surface, loose scree
  • Obstacles: steep ramps, barely mobile heels in combination
  • Slope:> 70% curves: loop-like hairpin bends with obstacles
  • Riding technique: excellent mastery of special trail bike techniques necessary, moving the front u. Rear wheel is only possible to a limited extent due to obstacles